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The company has established a dedicated testing room, and the development of quality management, test management, quality testing, measurement and management system, improve the level of the company's quality management.Testing room has a test, research, development and other functions of the company's various products, equipped with a digital projector, high and low temperature, pressure tester, insulation resistance tester, ultrasonic welding machine, switch life test, saltfog corrosion test chamber, the electronic temperature melting furnace and other equipment to meet the company's product design, development, testing, and research requirements.

From senior leadership to every employee to focus on continuing to enhance the quality of ideas, to "survive by quality, technology and development, in order to Talent Figure progress, integrity is the cornerstone of business philosophy, the quality of the construction company management, credit management quality culture.

The company's quality management involves the supply-side management, process control, product reliability, design and development process, quality information, the joint efforts of all employees and the general quality workers, the company's quality management for the development of Zhenhua made an important contribution.
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