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Zhejiang Jiang Taixin Synthetic Leather Co., Ltd. is engaged in synthetic leather, artificial leather production, sales, leather processing and marketing of artificial leather, synthetic leather technology development and services, self-import and export business of the company. The company was founded in July 2010, is located in the historic city of Taoyuan resort, tea of the town, "said the beautiful environment of Songyang Songyang exports from the Long Korea Highway 5 kilometers, transportation is very convenient, the registered capital of 3180 million yuan, covers an area of 鈥嬧185.06 acres, plans to put into the 20 production lines and complete processing equipment, production of leather 55 million meters, annual sales of up to 1.375 billion yuan, products widely used in shoes,seals, clothing, sofa, bags and decorative high-end fabrics.
 The company has strong technical force, to introduce the most advanced automated production equipment, always advocating to "science and technology as a fundamental quality of survival, innovation and development" business purposes. Focus on training and the introduction of high-quality professional management, technical personnel, and constantly open innovation, in order to raise the technological content of rubber products and market competitiveness.
 Zhejiang Jiang Taixin synthetic leather company vision is to strive to become the domestic leather industry is the best synthetic leather enterprises. The company will continue to innovation, the pursuit of excellence, adapt to and lead the market, the new superior products and sincere service, creating value for customers, Taixin growing momentum.



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